On-site test appointment in Gloucester - Green List Country - Entering the UK (Day 2 Test)

On-site test appointment in Gloucester - Green List Country - Entering the UK (Day 2 Test)

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This is for an on-site unsupervised test and is available by appointment only - at our Gloucester City location.

If you would like us to send you a test in the post, please click here

Appointments available Monday - Friday excluding bank holidays.

Please call our office 0330 133 3899 when you arrive. Lines open 9:30am - 4pm Monday - Friday (excluding bank holidays).


31-33 Worcester Street



To ensure each passenger receives a unique booking reference number, please purchase separately for each traveller.

The Day 2 test will be mandatory for anyone travelling to England. You will need to book this package before you travel to England from a green list country.  

After purchasing, please refer to your confirmation email to obtain a booking reference number - for your passenger locator form.

On 'Your Cart' page prior to purchasing, please let us know what day you are due to arrive back in the UK.

Once you have completed the test, you should receive your result via email late the next day. 

You must take the Day 2 test on your 2nd full day of isolation, or earlier. If you arrive back into the UK on a Monday, your 2nd full day would be Wednesday. 

You should purchase as soon as possible. This is so you can enter details of your test into your passenger locator form.

If you decide to take part in the Test to Release scheme after you have arrived in England, you will need to complete another passenger locator form.

 Covid-19 RT PCR Test.

✔ Day 2 results typically available late that day after your test.

Self swab test included with instructions.

 Gold standard test for accuracy and quality. Fully compliant and recognised worldwide. 99.9% accurate. 

 This test can be purchased well in advance.

This price includes: Test Kit / Packaging / Laboratory Analysis / Certificate. 

Please note: Our lab operates 7 days a week, however, as postal delays can occur, please allow more time to receive results on weekends. If your test is delayed while on route to the laboratory, this inevitably will delay your result.  

100 Covid Clear accepts no responsibility or liability for any costs arising from any delay, disruption or cancellation of your plans directly or indirectly caused by the requirement to produce a certificate.

All orders are non-refundable following dispatch or collection.